Can I Get a Loan With Someone Else’s Passport in the Philippines?

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Continuing the thoughts of journal. In accordance with the current legislation, the procedure for obtaining a loan for someone else’s passport falls under the criminal law on fraud (read criminal code of the Philippines Unfortunately, despite this, today an increasing number of unscrupulous citizens of our country go to all sorts of tricks and try to get the necessary amount of funds using other people’s documents.

Bank loan on other people’s documents. Common methods of fraud

Can I get a loan for someone else’s passport in the bank? Unfortunately yes. Today, adventurers, using your lost documents, can take a cash loan anywhere and you will know about it only when letters of debt are received at your address. In order not to become a victim of such a situation, you need to find out in more detail about how unscrupulous people take a loan on someone else’s passport.

  • So, the first and most common method of such a scam is a fake appearance. The person who has your passport, is making up, so that his appearance becomes very similar with your image in the photo. After that, he goes to the nearest banking institution (as a rule, a small branch) and tries to get a loan on someone else’s passport.
  • The second, no less common method of fraud, is to issue a loan directly to unscrupulous bank employees. Such people know exactly how to take a loan with someone else’s passport and make such scams with a high degree of professionalism. In this case, all that is necessary for the “specialist” is your personal data. Practice shows that scammers working in a bank can take out a loan on someone else’s passport, even if they have photocopies of documents, and this fraud will go unnoticed by the security service.

As a result of illegal actions, an employee of a banking institution along with his accomplices receive quick personal gain, and the person whose documents were used for lending becomes the owner of debts.

Fraud with receiving a loan in a bank and lending company

Bank employees, wanting to cash in on someone else’s account, go to great lengths to achieve the goal and know absolutely everything about how to take a loan on someone else’s passport and not be caught red-handed.

As practice shows, even when a person who did not apply for a loan, comes to the bank for proceedings, he simply fails to achieve a positive result for himself. Not wanting to become participants in lawsuits, the heads of a banking institution simply fire an unscrupulous employee, and the deceived client is left alone with his problems.

Can I get a loan on someone else’s passport in microfinance organizations? Unfortunately, such frauds are even more successful than credit attempts at a bank. The fact is that most of the modern microcredit companies provide their services online, and, therefore, issue loans without direct communication with the client. All that a fraudster needs to do in order to take a microloan on someone else’s passport is to provide the company with scanned copies of stolen documents.

If the legal owner of the documents has a credit history in perfect condition, then a scammer can apply for a loan online very quickly and without risk and get a fairly large amount of money at his disposal. Today, unscrupulous citizens who want to profit at the expense of other people know everything about how to take a loan on someone else’s passport through the Internet and not get into the hands of law enforcement. As a rule, after committing financial fraud, the offender gets rid of the documents.